Sermons by Warren Graff


The Resurrection? It’s You

Speaker: | April 16, 2017

Our sin, our death, our fear, it belongs to him. He took it. His resurrection, his defeat of death, his imprisonment of the demons, his holiness before his Father, his righteousness, it belongs to us....


Sheep and Goats

Speaker: | April 05, 2017

In this great judgment of grace, we will see our Shepherd standing there, and see that even these good works were prepared for us beforehand by Christ himself, that we might live in them. They...


Lazarus, Come Out

Speaker: | April 02, 2017

That when we see Lazarus resurrected we see him resurrected by Jesus calling him by name, and calling him in such a way that Jesus expects him to respond the way a normal, living person...


Dishonest Manager

Speaker: | March 29, 2017

The mystery is that this servant sent by the Father forgives sins with no rationality, with no accounting of the Law, for no reason of profit to his Father, but purely out of unbounded, inexplicable...



Speaker: | March 08, 2017

Jesus is taking our hard, stony, and thorny ground and by his Gospel, he turns it to the good, fertile ground of faith.

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