Sermons by Warren Graff


When Devils Are Made Silent

Speaker: | January 28, 2018

If these people in Capernaum were astonished, then the demons who bring the accusations to keep sinners under the power of the Law, the demons are more than astonished; they are mortified, they are made...


A Baptism Pleasing to Heaven

Speaker: | January 07, 2018

What pleases the Father in Heaven is that his holy Son, the giver of all life, takes the guilt and shame of the sinner upon himself. For the Father loves the sinner, and knows that...


Darkness There No More Resides

Speaker: | December 17, 2017

John’s baptism is over. He did his job. He served out the gifts the Lord sent him to serve out. He’s a wine skin who poured out good wine, but when the wine was gone,...


Baptized into Something New

Speaker: | December 10, 2017

We all have our own Jerusalem of the Sadducees, our own towns and cities of the Pharisees ... But the call of the Gospel is, Leave it all behind; come hear the Word making all...


When Jesus Shows Up

Speaker: | December 03, 2017

Jesus, who made his Advent into Jerusalem on the colt’s back, who will make his final Advent on the Last Day, to judge the living and dead and to bring his people into eternal life,...

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