Finding Life

Speaker: | September 03, 2017

That’s how the Lord of life gives life—he gives it through death. He gives victory through defeat. He gives salvation through mercy. He gives a cleansed conscience not by teaching ethics, but by forgiving the...


On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Speaker: | August 27, 2017

Jesus wants you and me to know that when we hear the word of forgiveness and release here on Earth, we have heard what the verdict in Heaven is regarding us.


The Argument of Faith

Speaker: | August 20, 2017

Faith argues with God. He gave us the argument. He put it on our lips when he said he is our God and we are his people, and we are to call upon him.


Be of Good Cheer, Be Not Afraid

Speaker: | August 13, 2017

The Homily The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost 13 August 2017 AD Grace Lutheran Church Albuquerque, New Mexico Matthew 14:22-33 And straightaway Jesus constrained His disciples to get into a ship, and to go before Him...


What Did Jesus Purchase?

Speaker: | July 30, 2017

Jesus did not purchase a pig in a poke. He purchased sinners; he purchased you and me, but he cleansed us with his own blood, holding onto us, then, as priceless pearls, even though these...


A Word Creating Life

Speaker: | July 19, 2017

Jesus creates you and me to be good ground. And he does it by speaking a Word into our ears—he who ears to hear, let him hear.


The Flesh Wants to Be Strong

Speaker: | July 09, 2017

There is no better place to be than to be a sinner standing before God in lowliness and weakness, and to know that all things come to us from God only as gift.


What Should We Fear?

Speaker: | June 25, 2017

Fear not. That is the promise to you of sins forgiven, of a life redeemed by the blood of Jesus, of a conscience purified of all guilt and shame in the cleansing of Baptism.