Once God Has Spoken

Speaker: | October 04, 2016

God speaks. His Word bestows what it says. What is says is grace. It is the forgiveness of sins. It is the covering of shame. God speaks this Word in his Gospel, which is nothing...


Jesus Creates the New Adam

Speaker: | September 26, 2016

Jesus is, with this parable, creating the new Adam, the new man of faith. And he is doing this toward the hearers, toward us. The parable is not teaching works righteousness, as in be like...


Renouncing All, Gaining All

Speaker: | September 04, 2016

For Jesus is the One—the only One—who did give up everything he had, including even his own life, as a gift from his Father. His Father gave him to be the suffering Servant standing in...


Do Not Be Anxious

Speaker: | August 07, 2016

Do not be anxious in your standing before your God and thereby try to acquire some worthiness on your own, but, rather, stand before your Father in the confidence that his Son has ransomed you...


From the Hand of God

Speaker: | July 31, 2016

And you receive the full inheritance of all that Jesus won, by receiving all He had left to give: His Body and Blood given and shed for you for the forgiveness of all your sins....

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