When Demons Afflict

Speaker: | February 03, 2019

Jesus shows no concern for the demons. His concern is with the man ... He came not as a spirit to save spirits, but as a human to save humans.


A Love Story

Speaker: | January 20, 2019

Jesus' making of water into wine is not just an exhibition of divine power demonstrating that he is the God who created all things, including water and grapes and yeast and wine, but it is...


The Great Exchange

Speaker: | January 13, 2019

So here, we have the Righteous Son of God entering into the Jordan, not to be cleansed, but to enter into your sin and mine, to become the great sinner for you.


Your Light Has Come

Speaker: | January 06, 2019

People before bound together in the unity of sin, all being together covered in the same darkness, are now called into the Church, where they are bound together in the unity of Christ, all brought...


The Veil is Removed

Speaker: | February 11, 2018

How is the sinner to be able to come to the Lord’s Table and receive the Body and Blood not in fear, but in the confidence that this Body and this Blood, they are for...


The Lord’s Delight

Speaker: | February 04, 2018

We still live in the old world of death under the Law ... At the same time, simultaneously, we live in the new world of the life of the resurrection, the world of God’s...