Jesus Prays for You

Speaker: | May 13, 2018

Jesus prays, and then Himself answers His prayer by being your Savior, your defense against every enemy. Jesus is your peace and your righteousness. Rather than condemning a sinner like you, it is Jesus who comes to you,...


Entangled Branches

Speaker: | April 29, 2018

We are branches along with one another, none of us making ourselves to be a branch, but all of us engrafted by the vine, Jesus. It is pure grace.


Jesus, My Good Shepherd

Speaker: | April 22, 2018

Yahweh, the Good Shepherd is not an uninvolved or distant God. He is not the God of the Deist who just winds of the clock of His creation and just lets it run. No, rather He is...


Peace to You

Speaker: | April 08, 2018

There is no sin, no guilt in our consciences, no shame covering us, from which Jesus has not cleansed us with his own blood and spoken us forgiven of in his word of Absolution.


Where Jesus Is

Speaker: | April 01, 2018

We will find the Living One wherever he places his Name and has his cross preached. For he promised that wherever he gathers two or three to his Name, there he is in the midst...


Christ is Risen For You

Speaker: | April 01, 2018

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me." In John 10:27 and Mary, who was one of those sheep, heard Him speak her name. Jesus does the same for you in Holy...

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