Oct 2018
Pastor’s October Messenger

A Good Conscience in a life of Temptation Lead us not into temptation, our Lord Jesus teaches us to pray in the Lord’s Prayer. That is, Father in Heaven, Lead us away from temptation. Our lives, the Large Catechism reminds us, are not lived without weakness and stumbling. When going over the Sixth Petition of the Lord’s Prayer, the Large Catechism says, Although we have acquired forgiveness and a good conscience, and have been wholly absolved, yet such is life that one stands today and falls tomorrow. Therefore, even though at present we are upright and stand before God......

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June 28, 2018

Pastor’s July message

The Bride of Christ The [Jesus loves his Church. He calls her his Bride. A man can love many things, but he can have only one bride, and he loves his bride as he can...

May 08, 2018

Pastor’s May 2018 message

Jesus Prays for Us Jesus prays to his Father, “Father, keep them in your Name.” He prays for us. It is the prayer of Baptism, interceding for us and our children, for the church, that...

March 29, 2018

Pastor’s April message

Joy in Teaching We are given to teach the children. We even ask fellow members to serve as Sunday School teachers and Board of Education members for the purpose of teaching the children our Lord’s...

March 01, 2018

Pastor’s March 2018 message

John, The “Golden-Mouth” John was born in 349 A.D. in Antioch (which is in modern day Turkey). Having been brought up in the faith by his mother, Anthusa, he was later made a pastor in...

March 01, 2018

Pastor’s February 2018 message

We Like to Talk Talking—it’s being human. Even if someone loses his voice, we find ways to help him talk, such as sign language. To not talk, to not be in conversation, is to be...

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