Pastor’s April message


Joy in Teaching

We are given to teach the children. We even ask fellow members to serve as Sunday School teachers and Board of Education members for the purpose of teaching the children our Lord’s Word. And these servants take the task seriously. The S.S. teachers publicly promise to give “instruction of God’s people according to His holy Word” and to prepare for this work by their individual and corporate study of the Word of God. And the board members promise “make provision for the Christian instruction of young and old.” [FROM THE INSTALLATION LITURGY]

We have much joy in this. In teaching the children the Word of God, we are bringing to them the gifts of the Lord of life. In this, we are also giving them defense from the words of death they will hear in this world.

The words of the Lord of life versus the words of our world—that’s how the Apostle John speaks of it. The two words are opposed.

The Word of Life

The Word of life is the word confessing that Jesus Christ has come into the flesh. This is the word of love, and the love is the love of God made manifest to us through his Son, so that through his Son we would have life. [SEE 1 JOHN 4:11, OF THE EPISTLE FOR EASTER 5]

In teaching our children of this Lord, we are teaching them of the One who has created them, who continues to uphold all creation for the benefit of all people [SEE HEBREWS 1:3], and who has set in place his institutions of family and neighbor, of the marriage of man and woman, of property, wealth, and reputation, as these are found in the Ten Commandments.

The Word of our World

But at the same time, our children will hear the voice of this world. This is, says the Apostle John, the word of the anti-christ. It is the word of the spirits of our world.

This word our children will hear every day, as our world, denying the Lord of life, draws people into the conversation of death. In this conversation our children will hear words not of a loving Creator, but of evolutionism’s “survival of the fittest.” And words not of life, but of the abortion chamber determining that some lives are “unwanted.” And words of those teaching unnatural human relations and marriages and other ways our world would disparage the orders of life in our Lord’s creation.

The Word of Love

Yet, we despair not. In all of this conversation where our world is diminishing the gifts of the Lord, our Lord enters with gift. The gift is his word of love and life:
In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him. In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.
[1 JOHN 4:9]

Much damage will continue in our world where the gifts of life and family and marriage and property are not upheld. Many will be brought into confusion, many lives will suffer. Yet, in the midst of it all, our Lord sets his Church. From the Church, the world is given to hear the voice of the Creator, the words of the Lord of life.

And the word we are given to speak is pure gift. From the Church, our arrogant world is given to hear the voice of the Creator who loves all those he has created. From our mouths, our confused neighbor is given to hear the voice of him who was given on the cross as the propitiation for every sinner.

And we teach this to our children. So that as they live in this world, they live as those who are in the world, but not of it. As those who hear the voice of death around them, but who turn to the voice of their Savior to hear the words of life.

And, giving thanks to our Lord, we pray for those he gives to teach our children in Sunday School, to serve on the boards, and for parents who lovingly bring their children up in the Catechism. For the words we are given to teach the children are the words rescuing from this sinful world, from all guilt, and from the devil. They are the words of Jesus, the Lord of all life.

In the Name of Jesus,


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